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As part of the Sandwich Generation and a business owner, my experience with insurance companies is quite broad. Insurance is a necessity however I grimace at its complexity, cost, and lack of personal support. My initial reaction was to dismiss the offer to review CafeWell but reading more about this social network program changed my decision.

CafeWell is a free health community that provides information ranging from chronic condition support, to healthy lifestyle tips and challenges. A Social Wellness Network whose primary purpose is to get well and stay well could be more helpful than professional medical advice. Let’s be honest, oftentimes connecting with people who share your specific health concerns or experiences is encouraging.  Solving everyday health dilemmas and “been there – done that” honest support is priceless!

CafeWell is bridging the gap between health plans and the member to help educate on healthcare and improve member perception of their health plan, by providing a fun, safe, and anonymous environment to improve their health.

This new “Get Well and Stay Well” social wellness network collaborates with large health plans like Altius and together, provides their members with great health programs as well. One example is Reach for the Peaks. This is a program where CafeWell members can participate in a wireless pedometer program. The goal of this health program is to help motivate members to become and stay more active. 

“So today I am taking a step forward to get off the couch and become healthy.  I am overweight, underpaid and not so full of energy!  I know if I think I can, I CAN!  AND I WILL!”

“I’m absolutely thrilled with this motivating program.”

Overall, I’m impressed with the CafeWell Social Wellness Network. This is an outstanding strategy for the health insurance companies involved and a superb benefit for members. Obviously, there are cost effective results for both the insurer and the insured when ones health is improved. Moreover, the individual feels better, spends less on medical bills,  can remain anonymous, join for free, and most importantly, has easy access to like minded people for ongoing healthy encouragement.

CafeWell Social Network

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Author: Kathy

Hey, there I'm Kathleen. My friends call me Kathy; to my kids I'm Momia. Life has afforded me many hats: Mom, wife, sister, friend, business owner... and most recently a midlife blogger. From college to marriage and babies, in the midst of business and wealthy boomers, midlife retrospection validates this extraordinary journey called life.

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  2. We are each responsible for our own wellness. However, as anyone who has ever tried to get better from anything or improve themself in any way knows, a little friendly support, or even peer pressure, can help. It’s also helpful to have someone or a group of people going through the process with you

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