Every year, you find yourself saying that you want to do more things that make you happy.

But, instead, you spend your days working, catering to the needs of others, running errands, paying bills, filing taxes and completing all of life’s endless obligations. There will always, always be tasks to finish. Putting them off for just a bit won’t hurt. They’ll still be there when you get back.

Check out these simple ways to indulge yourself for free, or even cheap, and enjoy a little ‘you’ time more often.


Movie Marathons or a Television Series

Snuggling underneath a blanket with a bag of popcorn, a few chocolates and your cat or dog, turning on a movie and staying put for a few hours is one of life’s simple pleasures. Do your best to block off one Saturday afternoon a month to spend reconnecting with your favorite movies, watching new ones, or going through a television series on Netflix or Hulu Plus. Watching TV and eating snacks for hours on end is incredibly fulfilling. It’s also nice to be spontaneous and spend time relaxing that you would’ve spent running errands or doing something responsible. The next time you wake to a rainy or snowy Saturday morning, skip your run or morning workout just this once, and enjoy life.


Baking Initiatives

Baking is a pretty time consuming task, and a bit of a luxury. You don’t have 2 hours in the middle of the day to make a pan of cream cheese brownies, right? Maybe not. Stock pile recipes that you’d like to prepare, and then spend an afternoon a month baking with friends, listening to music and sharing the latest gossip. You’ll be rewarded with plenty of delicious treats you can sit around and enjoy with a bowl of ice cream and a good movie. It’s a great, cheap way to spend time with friends on a personal level.


Crafts or DIY Projects

Crafting, much like baking, can be incredibly time consuming. Even for those who enjoy crafting and DIY projects, they often require an entire weekend, tons of supplies and a lot of energy. Choose a craft or project you’d like to complete around the house and then spend the month purchasing the supplies, getting things ready and arranging a weekend you can spend getting it done. Do the project with a friend or spouse for added fun, and buy delicious teas or hot cocoas you can sip on while you work!


Weekend Getaways

Nothing says, “I’m taking some me time,” quite like packing up a bag and getting out of town for the weekend. Pick a close place you’ve always wanted to visit, or a special spot you’ve been meaning to go back to and make it happen! Plan ahead or be spontaneous, whatever suits your style! Whether you travel alone or take a friend, you’ll come back feeling refreshed, renewed and ready to pick up where you left off.


Streamlining To-Do Lists

All of those little tasks you have to complete on a daily basis add up to make for one big headache. Anything you can do to streamline your list of things to do will give you more time to enjoy doing things you want to do. Services like automatic bill pay, online banking, grocery delivery, or laundry service can help save you valuable hours each week.

This year is the year where you should finally learn to carve out time for you. Every now and then, be selfish and lazy for a few hours. When you return to the ‘real world’, you’ll be surprised to find it’s just the same as you left it.

Megan enjoys cycling, blogging on behalf of MyGofer.com and spending time with her adorable Yorkie puppy, Alexa. You can find her on twitter (@thatgirlmegan) or online at www.thatgirlmegan.com

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