Working out is one of those things that we all know will help us but can be tough to get into. Most people just need that push to get started, which, for a lot of people, can be found in great fashion choices. You don’t need designer bags or diamond rings, but you can looking great can help motivate you to exercise to feel even better.

Look good feel better:

  • You may be the type of person who puts on a huge sweatshirt and baggy sweat pants to work out in. I’m not knocking that style at all. You should definitely go with what makes you most comfortable. I personally think that looking good and feeling good go hand in hand. You can get an outfit designed for athletic use that will turn heads and serve a purpose. It will have a positive effect on your psyche too. While you’re working out, it’s always nice to be able to look in a mirror and flex a bit and feel like you’re looking good. Seeing your body start to change is a huge boost to your morale. Whether your losing weight or working to pack on some muscle, seeing progress is helpful and can push you to get a few more reps in. Save the baggy sweatpants for nights in the house.

Fashion forward:

  • Dri-fit is the new craze. This material is designed to absorb moisture from your body while keeping you dry and cool. Sweat is wicked away from the body and pulled to the surface where it evaporates. The best thing about it is it feels good and looks good at the same time. It eliminates that nasty sweat glob that appears on clothing during an intense workout. If you’re a beginner, wearing dri-fit clothing will have the added benefit of making you at least look like you have a clue about what your doing. Cross training sneakers are popular, too, as people are incorporating new and alternative things like dancing into workouts.

Brighten up your routine:

  • Another fashion trend being seen in gyms today is the return to colorful workout outfits. Not exactly as colorful as some of the outfits that were popular in the 80’s, of course, but color is back. Go to a gym today on a college campus or anywhere locally, and you will see yellow, pinks and neon green shirts and shorts. You can pick up some sneakers that match the color of your shirt and tights and even find socks to go with the entire outfit. You can find workout gloves and ankle braces to match with your outfit while protecting you at the same time. The workout fashion and color changes with the seasons too.

Buying new outfits to work out in can help get you to the gym too. When you look good you like to be seen, right? What’s a better place to show off in your new work out outfit than at the gym or taking a nice run through the park? It’s okay to look good while you exercise. You deserve it.




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