If your wardrobe is cluttered and you often find yourself with nothing to wear, then there are several steps that you can take to make improvements. Here are 5 top tips to help you not only freshen up your wardrobe but also create extra space in time for your summer clothes.

1.      Organise your wardrobe

If you find yourself with hardly anything to wear, then now is the time to organise your wardrobe. Go through your collection of clothes. If you have any items that you are unlikely to wear then consider giving them to charity, as this will enable you to make room for this year’s fashions.

2.      Throw out any garments that you have not worn for six months or more

If you have any garments that you have not worn for six months or more, then consider removing them from your wardrobe. If you are currently dieting and there are items in your wardrobe which you are planning to wear after you have reached a certain target weight, then consider using garment covers or vacuum storage bags to keep them well protected whilst you are not wearing them. Keeping them safely stored away will keep them in good condition for when you decide that you are ready to start wearing them.

3.      Select versatile, timeless clothes for your wardrobe

If you find that you get attached to your clothes and cannot bear throwing items out, then stick to versatile, timeless clothes. Pieces such as light blouses, dark jeans and black heeled boots are items that can be work for a variety of occasions and will still be as fashionable in a year’s time as they are when you first place them in your wardrobe. Choosing clothes that can be worn for work and social occasions will allow you to avoid having to buy separate items for different occasions and will save space for extra special items, such as wedding garments, suits and accessories such as handbags.

4.      Replace older clothes or ones that you no longer feel comfortable in

If any of the items currently in your wardrobe no longer reflect your personal style or do not make you feel comfortable then it’s time to replace them. Certain changes to your lifestyle or work life may leave you wanting to update your style, so it may be time to throw out the clothes that no longer suit your current style. If you have garments that are plain or old but you still wish to keep them, then consider sprucing them up by adding fashionable accessories such as scarves, hats, bracelets or handbags.

5.      Throw out clothes that are beyond repair

Over time, clothes can become discoloured or damaged. If you are unable to repair any damaged clothes in your wardrobe then it is time to throw them out. Some clothes may need simple repairs, such as adding a new button or stitching a small hole, whilst others, such as items which have been damaged by damp or moths, should be thrown out. When adding new items to your wardrobe or storing away special garments, consider using storage items or repellents such as sachets that will help to keep your clothes fresh and protected from moths.




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