organic healthy snacksWhen kids come home from a long day at school, they often look for a snack to hold them over until dinner. Sweet and salty snacks may taste good, but they have little nutritional value and they won’t stave off the hungries for long. Giving kids protein-based snacks delivers on both taste and nutrition.

Snacks made from lean organic deli meats are not only excellent sources of protein, but they are produced without the use of antibiotics, synthetic hormones and pesticides which is healthy for the earth and the family!

What’s different about organic meats?

Spiral ingredients:
* Dilly beans (pickled green beans) or pickle wedges
* Wedges of ripe cantaloupe, tart apples, or fresh pears with softened cream cheese spread on sliced meat of choice
* Whole green onions, chopped fresh dill sprinkled on long wedges of peeled, seeded cucumber

Roll ingredients:
* Bread sticks or pretzel rods spread with mustard
* Organic mozzarella or reduced fat Monterey Jack slices spread with tapenade and spread on sliced meat of choice
* Thick strips of red bell pepper or zucchini
* Organic Swiss cheese slices
* Cranberry chutney or cranberry mustard
* Shredded lettuce

To make spiral snacks, cut sliced meat into strips and spiral them around your favorite ingredients. For snack rolls, put ingredients on meat slices and roll up. If necessary, secure with toothpicks.

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Photo Courtesy of Brett Hacker