Age spots, aka liver spots are quite annoying let me tell you. These buggers seemed to simply appear one day and continue to pop up randomly. I think this aging symptom is worse than grey hair. What do you think?

Age spots typically develop in fair skinned people like myself, lucky me. They range in size from a freckle to more than one centimeter and can be grouped, looking more pronounced and ugly. Of course, years of sun basking without UV protection increase the amount of age spots. Wish someone had told me that back in the day. I mean I did use sun block but may have opted out of being on the beach simply to tan had I known about these brown blotches.

There are many over the counter bleaching creams available to lighten age spots. With the pigment being at the base of the topmost layer of skin, the epidermis, treatments will have to penetrate that layer. According to the Mayo Clinic, prescribed bleaching creams used in combination with retinoid, a chemical that is structured similar to vitamin A, will have a greater effect. In either case, age spots should fade slowly over a period.

It is so hard to know what creams might work and what are bull. Plus, my skin is really sensitive. Maybe you all can shed some more light on the subject.

Have you used age spot creams or had medical treatment for them? Do you have a recommendation?