Family CarOh boy do I detest purchasing and managing insurances, as many people do. However, buying auto insurance is a necessary part of driving and car ownership in most cases. This is a list of auto insurance discount tips to inquire about when buying auto insurance. After all, everyone could use a discount on auto insurance, right?

  • When purchasing a new car consider insurability. Be modest, choose a car that is not a rated a sports car and has a full complement of safety features. Premiums for flashy sports cars can be costly so check with your insurance agent before buying.
  • Have your insurance re-evaluated after getting married, buying a condominium or house, or opening a business. All of these can affect the amount of auto insurance necessary, and with the right combinations of coverage, a saving could be realized.
  • Bundle insurance whenever possible. Buying different insurances, such as home and auto or boat and auto, from the same company may offer a substantial savings. Oftentimes insuring two cars can be as inexpensive as one with a multi-car discount.
  • Don’t be gloomy when midlife rolls around, particularly age fifty. Membership qualification for AARP, the American Association of Retired Persons, is fifty years old. AARP offers discount auto insurance to their members through the Hartford Insurance Group.
  • Student drivers may receive a discount when achieving a 3.0 average in school. Student drivers training courses are offered to most high school students. Successful completion generally affords the student driver a 5% auto insurance discount.
  • Minimal savings are usually offered for automatic payments transfers and paperless statements. Go Green and gain insurance discounts, woo hoo!

While some of these tips may be known, reminders are always a good thing. Hope these tips help to obtain cheap auto insurance rates!