Quill Breast Cancer Hope StickerEveryone has heard of Quill, am I right? Quill boasts fantastic prices, great service, and mail-order convenience since 1956. Joining in the fight against breast cancer, Quill has pledged to donate up to $20,000.00 to the cause through the “Hello My Name Is” campaign.

Cancer has taken more than ten of my family and friends over the years. In 1999, my mother lost her battle with reoccurring breast cancer. We were all thankful for the twenty years we share after her initial battle was won, or so we thought. Mom had routine cancer check ups and continued to be “cancer free”. Sneakily, the cancer silently returned, going undetected for nearly five years. After going undetected for so long the diagnosis reveal the cancer intertwined within the plexus. Radiation stopped progression to her brain. Chemotherapy did little to stop the metastasizing of this dastardly cancer. Being a strong willed woman, Mom wanted to continue with treatment even though her body could not withstand it. Of course, the doctors refused. After 18 long months of treatments and experimental procedures, she passed. The house was silent and dark as I heard her take her last breath, a sound I will never forget.

Show your support for someone special in your life that has been affected by breast cancer. The Quill Facebook page reads, “Personalize a “Hello My Name Is” virtual sticker with an inspiring word of choice and photo to share with your Facebook community. Not only will your message spread the word about fighting breast cancer and making a difference, but Quill.com will donate $1 for every sticker created, up to $20,000.”

Create your “Hello My Name Is” sticker today, I did… We Stand and Fight!

Thanks to MomSelect who offered a token of appreciation to MomSelect bloggers who participated in this campaign. Bloggers will be entered for a chance to win a $250 Visa gift card. “Our hope is that the winner will use the gift card with those that inspire them, knowing that every moment of life is worth celebrating!”