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www.polyvore.comSurviving a computer crash can be more than stressful, let me tell you. The chances of recovering data in a quantity of situations are impossible. Recalling my early computing days, the lack of computer knowledge, and naive expectations are true hilarity. This is how the conversation went:

Me (Pre-Midlife): “You can’t just copy the data off that overheated and dead hard drive?”

Computer tech: “No that would cost thousands and require computer forensics to accomplish.”

Me: “So, you can’t recover the job files for our entire company.”

Computer tech: “No Ma’am I can’t recover the data from that hard drive. However, what I do can is to reload your software and data onto a new hard drive. Do you have a back up cd?”

Me: “Uuumm, backup, well no, err yes but it’s at least six months old…” (heart attack on the spot) Needless to say, I spent umpteen hours reentering the months of lost data and you can bet I backed up every day!

Fast-forwarding about five or six years, hubby comes into the office and informs me all about Carbonite, which he learned via talk radio. Mind you, hubby was computer illiterate at the time. Of course, I quickly reaffirm the importance of backing up irreplaceable files with a “remember when” story. Hubby was all set to buy the service but a backup system was already in place, sorry dear.  Otherwise, Carbonite would have been our computer backup choice back then.

Carbonite Online Backup

Why would we choose Carbonite?

  1. Longstanding and widely recognized company – Webware. com 100 winner in 2009; Pc World Nov 2010 positive reviews –“I think elements of the Carbonite interface are brilliant”
  2. Automatically backs up all the user-generated files on the internal hard drive
  3. Straightforward information in revealing what files will not be backed up
  4. Simple interface -perfect for the not so savvy hubby
  5. Ability to access your information anywhere, anytime
  6. Provides restore software and assistance
  7. Affordable for small business


Carbonite Overview

Carbonite was founded in 2005, inspired by the laptop crash of David Friend’s college daughter. Since inception, the company has safely recovered over 7 billion files. Carbonite unlimited online backup service continually works in the background automatically while connected to the internet. The service works with Mac and Windows XP, Vista, and 7.   Files backed up by Carbonite can be accessed anytime, anywhere, from most any Internet connected device. For handheld users, Carbonite also provides a free app to accommodate iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, or Blackberry Smartphone users. The app allows customers to enjoy and share backed up files.

The unlimited backup supports PC and Mac with anytime-anywhere-access costs $59 a year. Doubts about online back up services can easily be addressed with Carbonite. A 15-day free trial is available and no credit card is required. What’s more, if you decide to purchase the service, mention BLOGAD and receive two months of computer backup service free.


Final Thoughts

Midlife has brought about a great deal of memory issues for me personally. Automatic backup can relieve the worry of relying on a middle-aged memory.  In addition, having access to user files wherever the internet is available saves time and embarrassment. Yep, I left the flash drive and drove half way to the meeting before realizing it. Without doubt, Carbonite will ease several of my midlife memory issues. What’s more, we are due for a backup system upgrade that even hubby can accomplish! I’m headed over there now to set up my free 15-day trial.

Given that I have been there done that with lost and forgotten files, I know first hand how important it is to back up your files. At the rate of $59.00 a year with a longstanding company and free trail offer too, I think Carbonite is worth a test drive.

Do you use an online backup service?  Have you tried Carbonite?

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