A penny saved is a penny earned

Reclaiming or recycling is nothing new to this midlife woman, but rather a new label for the “eco friendly” times. Reclaiming was something my parents put into practice; a habit carried on in my own life. Being penny-wise, salvaging useful items, and not wasting was simply the right thing to do. Cans with lids, paper bags, baskets and ribbon from gifts, and glass jars were always put to further use. My mother never wasted anything. In fact, mom kept a plastic container in the fridge for leftover tablespoons of veggies, pasta, and meats for Saturday soup. Paired with homemade bread, this was a tradition that family and friends looked forward to each weekend.

Talenti Gelato Jar Reclaim

Bathroom Gelato Tubs

I love Gelato. Talenti pint size Gelato containers are the perfect size for cotton balls and swabs was the thought that came to mind upon finishing the first pint! After two coats of white spray paint on the plastic tubs, these cuties were ready for the brown craft labels. The color of the labels matches the lids quite nicely. Being the bathroom is a very humid environment, a coat of Modge Podge helped keep the label edges intact. The style reminds me of old time medicine canisters, what do you think?

Reclaim Plastic Jars Craft

Kitchen Pasta Sauce Jars

Reclaim those glass pasta sauce and condiment jars. Spices that are packaged in cardboard canisters, such as salt, last longer in glass jars. All the sodas, salts, and powders are now stored in jars with painted lids, matching the kitchen colors.

Here’s a tip for removing old labels, making the process a bit easier. After soaking in hot water and removing as much of the label as possible, spray a bit of cooking spray on a paper towel and rub the residue off. A dab of vegetable oil works too. Afterwards, I clean the jars in the dishwasher for a good sanitation.

For the labels, I prefer to use Avery address labels on the glass jars. Besides being economical, those are on hand most times. Secondly, it’s easy to print a new one when changing the jar contents or the label gets food stained or wet and smeared.


Reclaim Glass Jar Craft

These kitchen jar and bathroom canister crafts add a nice homespun touch to our decor. Moreover, a sense of pride and a smile go along with that decor. I’m thankful my parents were such grand examples. So there you have it, my midlife reclaiming story.

Now it’s your turn, what’s your favorite reclaim craft or tip?