ProForm Elliptial Trainer

courtesy ProFform

Elliptical training offers a low impact work out whose users are known to burn nearly twice the calories when compared to using a conventional treadmill. Sounds like a might bold statement, I know. This occurrence is known as the “Rate of Perceived Exertion.”  It is a trick on the body of sorts. An elliptical work out burns the same amount of calories in a good deal less time as compared to a treadmill, a seemingly “easier” task to the body. This allows users to work out longer, burning more calories!

If you are looking for a quality cardiovascular workout with the maximum amount of efficiency, an elliptical is an outstanding choice. Elliptical training gives a total body workout. Most are equipped with dual action handlebars and foot pedals, whereas treadmills focus more on the lower body.

According to a number of recent studies, elliptical machines have become the machine of choice among seniors who would like to keep fit and suffer with knee or joint problems. Furthermore, physical trainers who are involved in rehabilitating their clients prefer ellipticals to treadmills in most cases.

Sounds like the elliptical may someday surpass the popularity of the treadmill!