Happy Fall Y’all! Yes, I have been gone from this blog for far too long. In that time I have been updating my home, preparing new recipes, and moving our company forward since the big fall out in 2009! Autumn begins tomorrow September 23rd, and it seemed the perfect time to start sharing my DIY home journey and midlife experiences with you again. Before I jump in, I’ll start with a few of my fall inspiration favorites!

I simply ADORE this “No Cost” idea to cover a plain supermarket Mum pot. Simply fold down the top of a brown paper bag and set the pot inside. In My Own Style is an award winning DIY blog with tons of tips and inspiration for your home. Let me tell you, I never miss a post, as Diane is always inspiring!

frosty pumpkin craft

This FROSTY FALL PUMPKIN CRAFT at Modge Podge Rocks is a quick and easy way to frost up a little pumpkin! I will be picking up a few little pumpkins on the next grocery store run ‘cause I simply must try these. I think they will be great on the Thanksgiving dessert table.

Pumpkin Jar

The Painted Pumpkin Jars over at Meatloaf and Melodrama are adorable! I’ve become a jar hoarder these days, spray-painting lids, complete jars, and portions for design too. Reclaiming is one of my long time habits. These jars are useful, free, and can be found in about every area of my home. I’ll share those with you later.

To kick of autumn in our house, I created a burlap wreath for the front door. Micheals had burlap ribbon on sale this summer, 50% off. Remembering all the beautiful burlap projects on Pinterest, I just couldn’t resist a purchase.

As this wreath was my first attempt working with burlap ribbon, I did some further research. This excellent DIY Wire Coat Hanger Burlap Wreath tutorial was just what the craft doctor ordered! Using the tips and tutorial, I went on to create the burlap wreath. It took about an hour to get ribbon fed onto the wire, adjusted, and glued in place. I cut strips from an orange fabric scrap and twisted them tightly to come up with streamers. I tied these around the wire hanger where a hook was bent for hanging. Using a leather string, I wrapped it tightly around the exposed hook, tied a knot and looped the knot through the bend so it wouldn’t unravel.  The pine cone picks worked really well and twisted onto the coat hanger securely.

DIY Fall Burlap Wreath

Using only what I had on hand, the biggest challenge was hanging the wreath. After some Google research, I went with a magnets on the burlap loop. I’m pleased with the outcome. The homespun design really dressed up the old front door nicely.

What’s your favorite fall craft or decoration?