Mothers know the importance of oral hygiene and finding a reputable, conscientious dentist can sometimes be a difficult task. My youngest son had inherited my under bite however the pediatric dentist never noticed the improper position of the teeth until the second teeth where completely grown in. This was very upsetting to me. I assumed that with all of the visits and x-rays this would have been evident to the dentist.

With that, I proceeded to find a new dentist. In those days, other than word of mouth, cold calling and medical screening organizations were about the only way gather information. After a hefty amount of manual research, I thought I found the perfect dentist. Let me tell you, the general dentist I chose did a wonderful service in referring me to an affordable, competent orthodontist in Ft. Myers. The orthodontist did a fabulous job on my son’s bite and teeth. Being so pleased with the orthodontist, I continued with the general dentist who referred me. That is, until his bedside manner became more than inadequate. On our last visit, as the dentist was filling a tooth, a tear ran down my son’s face and he had the look of pain in his eyes. My son was one of those little tough guys where nothing hurt him. Seeing that tear and that look of pain alarmed me. Upon questioning the dentist about the boys’ pain level, he got very short with me saying if I interrupted again – (this was the first thing I said) – he would have to ask me to move to the waiting room. At that moment, not only did I insist on more Novocain; I threatened to pull my son from the chair! That was our last visit with him.

Have you been through a similar experience with a medical professional?

Just recently, I needed dental work and had to find a new dentist. I used the internet and found the perfect dentist, first attempt. I thought about that wise guy who worked on my son. Did I just get lucky?  It would have been much easier had the internet existed to the extent it does today. Need a charlotte dentist, conduct a search to find references, reviews, and ratings, read and choose.

Do you think internet reviews and references are valid means to finding dentists, doctors and other medical professionals?