One way to characterize the stages of life is to identify the common experiences, challenges, and responsibilities most people go through as their life progresses. I don’t know about you all but for me these stages of life came with intense, and often times difficult situations. Death is one of those situations. It seems that since recently reaching fifty, this phase of life includes loss. Funerals have become more frequent. Deaths are never easy and seldom are we prepared emotionally.

During such an emotional time, having to conduct the business associated with a death can be quite cumbersome and overwhelming. The most loving gift one can leave behind is a planned funeral. Trust me on this; I have had my share of coordinating funerals however, I will leave those stories for another post. What I will say is that to the living, the funeral represents the character of and love for the deceased. Therefore, the funeral arrangements are the final expression of love and respect. This is a very heavy burden for others to bear when no wishes or plans are discussed, much less arranged. offers a comprehensive approach on funeral planning. There mission says it all:

“ is a service dedicated to the living. That may sound like an odd mission for a firm in the funeral industry. However, we believe that funerals are more than a means of celebrating a life that has past, but they’re also vitally important events for the living. Whether you are planning or attending a funeral, our goal is to help you make it the meaningful experience it should be.”

Do not wait to discuss with family members expectations, fears, and wishes associated with dying. Plan and share your funeral arrangements in advance, your loved ones will be forever grateful that you did!