If I only knew then what I know now! Electronics that operate constantly need air circulation and this knowledge would have been most helpful upon purchasing our first theatre system. Geez, installing a home sound system involves a huge amount of wiring connections. Deciphering the in and out wiring in conjunction with the order of connection was complicated. In fact, the install resulted in an all day ordeal for me, the house electronics installer. I was dreading switching cable providers for that single reason.

Anyway, I had no idea just how much heat a home theatre system could produce. The TV stand I bought is enclosed. Fail! Had I known the intensity of heat associated with a theater such as ours, the style of the TV stand would have been completely open.

TV Stand

Given the opportunity to rewind the electronic tape of home theaters, one of these tv stands would be the focal point of our family room. The features of this beauty include a warm oak finish with black antiqued hardware, protective clear coat resists mars and scratches, 3 spacious drawers for storage with antiqued pulls and generous CD/DVD storage.

Not only would the circulation problem be corrected but also a sweet addition to the family room décor, just sayin.