What comes to mind when someone says GPS? The most common responses are directions or coordinates, tracking business autos and equipment, and cell phone tracking.

Business owners benefit greatly with the use of GPS locating systems. Tracking for employee safety and productivity are easily achieved with a gps tracker installed. Some systems even offer panic buttons and alerts should a tracker leave a pre-defined area or exceed speed limits. Businesses can track assets from a central location, and check the whereabouts from any smart phone.

Of course, cell phone tracking is a common and important asset for police, emergency responders, and even employers can use existing BlackBerry or Smart Phones to track employee locations.

Were you aware of personal GPS locators and their availability? My guess is most people will answer no to that question. This is the perfect solution for tracking an elderly person. How many times do we hear about a senior being lost or forgetting where they live. The personal GPS systems are tiny, battery operated systems that track where, when, and the route a person traveled. Imagine the value this would provide for a family who was caring for an Alzheimer patient. Or how about a live in care taker, would it be calming to know just where they where while caring for your family members? In my opinion, this type of tracking supplies immeasurable peace of mind and safety for loved ones. Better to know that not know, I’m just sayin.