If you are looking to lose weight as so many of us are then have you considered drinking green tea as a dietary supplement?

You can easily swap green tea for your usual cups of coffee or tea that you consume during the day, green tea has many advantages and health benefits to offer you.

The Main Health Benefits Of Green Tea

Green tea is high in antioxidants and also contains some caffeine.

The antioxidants are particularly of interest to those dieters taking a lot of exercise. You may have heard the term ‘free radicals’ and wondered what it refers to.

Well free radicals are produced as a by product of ordinary metabolism. Free radical production increases in frequency the more exercise you do. The problem is that free radicals are very damaging to the cell structure of your body and can affect the health of all parts.

Antioxidents help to protect your body from free radical damage by deactivating them and making them harmless. But that is not all that antioxidents do, studies have also shown they have a role to play in protecting you from heart disease, cancer and strokes.

It has been reported that green tea inhibits the unnatural formation of blood clots, some of which have been known to cause thombrosis, which is one of the leading causes of heart attacks and strokes.

The caffeine in green tea helps to raise the level of your metabolism which also helps you to lose weight.

That is quite a list of benefits from a simple cup of green tea.

Like all good things though there is also a negative factor to green tea, this is the fact that green tea contains caffeine, and high doses of caffeine can be rather unhealthy for your body.

However, the caffeine count in green tea is substantially lower than that found in an average cup of coffee, and when you factor in as well all of the advantages, they far outweigh that of the disadvantages.

The Various Forms Of Green Tea

Green tea is available in the usual forms of tea leaves or tea bags to which you just add hot water.

However, due to its rising popularity green tea is now available in so many other forms. You can try green tea extract, popular as a weight reduction supplement, green tea pills, gum, ice cream, iced green tea and there are even green tea patches.

Popular for centuries in the Far East, the health giving properties of this simple plant are being recognized more and more in the West.

Trevor Sadowski runs a free information site about the benefits of green tea visit his site to find out more useful facts on this amazing natural resource.