Mesothelioma as defined by “Mesothelioma is an asbestos-caused cancer of the membranes that surround many of the body’s vital organs. This membrane, known as mesothelium, secretes a lubricating fluid that provides easy movement of the organs within the body. When the mesothelium becomes cancerous, it is called mesothelioma. Surrounding the lung, the mesothelium is called the pleura and the form of mesothelioma is called pleural mesothelioma; in the abdomen, it is the peritoneum and the cancer is called peritoneal mesothelioma; the lining around the heart is the pericardium and there mesothelioma is identified as pericardial mesothelioma.”

This is a scary list of the highest risk occupations for workers exposed to asbestos fibers because much of my family is included. What makes matters even scarier is attorneys and some medical professionals say asbestos fibers are so toxic that industrial and trade worker’s families may develop mesothelioma, or other asbestos-related diseases. In the course of coming into contact with stray fibers and particles that have built-up on the worker’s clothing, shoes, skin and hair are at risk. This “second-hand” exposure to asbestos is known as para-occupational exposure.

Pipe Coverers | Navy Yard Workers/Yard birds | Laborers | Brake Mechanics | Auto Mechanics | Millwrights | Painters | Plasterers | Merchant Marine Seaman | Paper workers | Electricians | Bricklayers | Boilermakers | Automotive mechanics | Machinists | Lathers | Aircraft Mechanics | Engineers | Steamfitters | Masonry Workers | Longshoremen Insulators | Welders | Sheet metal workers | Crane Operators | Plant workers | Powerhouse Workers | Railroad Workers | Inspectors |Maintenance Workers | Paper Mill Workers | Tapers | Pipefitters |Cement Finishers | Foundry Workers | Carpenters | Plumbers | Roofers | Sailors

The Occupations in bold are occupations held by my family, yikes! Hubby has been working in the masonry and plastering trade for over thirty years. Being married for over twenty three years has given me a great deal exposure as well.  I told you it was scary!

Is your occupation listed here, perhaps a family member, or friend’s occupation? Protect and educate yourself and your family, read more malignant Mesothelioma legal information as well as frequently asked questions.