my son and meWhen TwitterMoms posed this question, I just had to blog about it! The economy stinks, the housing market (our source of income) is gone, my children are grown and moved out of the country, and our house is now upside down. With all of that negative information you are probably thinking, how can she possibly be better than ever?

Well I am better than ever because I have learned to look forward to the GOOD THINGS that WILL come to be and mull over only the GOOD THINGS that have happened.  Doing ones best, then leaving the rest to God has been a difficult task for me to accomplish. This year I will be fifty. I remember a time when not knowing when our next project would start caused me to loose sleep. I would think, we are going to run out of money, oh no. How will I pay the bills? Time has proven to me that worry will gain nothing. Difficult situations have made me a stronger person. In the meantime, I focus on things that bring a smile to my face, like blogging.

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When I think about my past, I now focus on the good things. I survived a motorcycle crash 20 + years ago that should have been fatal, raised my sons to be upstanding men, have a loving husband of 24 years. My extended family is always supportive and we keep in close contact with one another. There is plenty of room in the house that is up side down if someone needs a place to live. We have food, clothing, shelter, blogging, and each other… life is good and I am better than ever!

So tell us, what makes your life better than ever?

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