A short rant… This is about those male supplements like extenze, if you can call them supplements,that  have some nasty side affects and to me sound so much like a joke that I can’t hardly fathom someone even trying them. It has to be that old cliche… There are some men out there – notice I said some and not all – who would have no thought process whatsoever if it was not for their junk. Moreover, I would bet money that the majority of women have the ability to pick that type out of a crowd.

Check out Jimmy Jonson, a successful and wealthy man. He has that “look at me” demeanor and chooses to advertise for extenze, according to numerous internet sites. He’s a user and reportedly closes the commercial by saying, “Go long with extenze. I do.” What??? Someone of this caliber would not go to his doctor?? Perhaps it is that old cliche?

Another fine example of a junk thinker is that Olympics runner who failed the drug testing and was banned from running for using extenze, what do you suppose he was thinking with, a brain???

Now I am not against looking for help if something is wrong with you, I just think these miracle things like extenze are dangerous, have lots of bad side affects, and sell to mostly junk thinkers!

I read this report on extenze side effects…. You decide!