kids and careers articleWhat advice do you give your high school kids concerning careers? My father used to say pick a profession, any profession and be the best at it, whether you pump gas or teach school just be the best you can be. That was it. Generally, my advice to the boys was to choose a profession they enjoyed, do well in school, and pursue your career. The basic questions were shared with them, often. How much will you earn? What are the job prospects, and will the income outweigh the education costs, provided it was required.

Man times are tough, learning a trade just is not enough these days. If I had to do it all over again, I would advise my children to do extensive career research beginning in middle school. Encourage them to follow the political trends too, as they have influence on the future. Search and identify recession proof jobs and choose one of them. More than likely, I would also research to be certain they were receiving the right information and impression.

After doing a bit of research, it seems that the top recession proof fields are business finance and planning, information technology, medical, and health. IT Jobs are readily available as are nursing and nearly all health related jobs. Financial planning and business finance were also widely available.

If your children are young, start thinking now about how you will advise them later on.