Tips for Decorating With Candles

Holiday Decorating

Nothing captures the warmth of the holidays quite like the gentle glow of candlelight. This season, set the mood with delicious holiday scents and decorations by making fragrance your centerpiece.

Mom and lifestyle expert Amy Clark says, “I love adding candles to my mantle or dining room table to create a cozy atmosphere.” She suggests using the new Glade® Candles Holiday Collection in Apple Cinnamon or limited-edition Bayberry Spice scents. “These seasonal fragrances will transform your home into a haven for you and your guests,” says Clark. “They are an elegant and affordable way to add that extra little touch to your holiday décor.”

Clark offers up simple tips to help you light up your home for the holidays with well-designed displays at an affordable price.

Choose a Festive Space

Holiday centerpieces on the dining room table are a beautiful tradition. But don’t limit your creativity to just one place. Look around your house for other areas you can dress up for the season, including the:

  • Mantle
  • Inside of the fireplace or on the hearth
  • Entry table
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen

A good rule of thumb is to take up no more than one-third of a table with your display, unless the table won’t be used for anything else. This will leave room for people to set down items without bumping into the display.

Christmas decor

Cover Your Bases

For surfaces that need to be protected from candle oils, heat and wax, choose an interesting base for the display. Trays, beveled mirrors and candle plates are often used. If you are feeling creative, purchase Epsom salts from the local discount store to spread around the mirror, creating a snowscape look.

Candle Groupings

Many designers believe that odd-numbered groupings are more pleasing to the eye than even-numbered ones. So gather candles in groups of three, five or seven.

If you plan to display a single line of candles, down the center of a table for example, purchase candles of varying heights and widths for a more interesting display. If you don’t have different sized candles, create different levels with cake stands or other household items.

Creative Touches

You don’t need to buy a lot of extras to make an attractive display. Look through what you already have to get inspired. Some things to look for:

  • Ornaments
  • Holiday books
  • Fabrics and ribbon
  • Confetti and beads
  • Old holiday cards
  • Natural elements, such as pine cones, greenery, interesting branches or stones

Dress up candles by placing candy canes or cinnamon sticks around the display at a safe distance from the candle.

With a little imagination, you can create holiday displays that make you feel a little merrier all season long.

Scents-able Advice

According to the National Candle Association, scent is the most important factor for people when buying candles. Fragrant candles are a great way to add even more holiday cheer to your displays and all throughout the house. The Glade Candles Holiday Collection is an easy way to bring holiday cheer into your home. Just light the candle’s wick to release your favorite seasonal scents into the air, creating a warm holiday atmosphere.

Popular holiday fragrances include the new Glade limited-edition Bayberry Spice scent or classic Apple Cinnamon. To find out more about the Holiday Collection of votives, scented oil candles and refills, visit