iPhoneRV owners who travel whether they are traveling or not might want to consider joining a medical emergency assistance program. Consider the following questions and your personal answers.

Whom would you call if you were hurt while traveling here or abroad?
What if medical evacuation was considered necessary, would it be attainable and who would arrange it?
Perhaps air ambulance service is necessary for obtaining appropriate medical care, is there coverage elsewhere?

A medical emergency assistance program is not travel insurance nor is it a healthcare plan. Think of it as personal support network in the event of a travel emergency. Your medical support network is merely a phone call away, available around the clock, anywhere and anytime.

Medical services covered by the program include Medical evacuation, covering Emergency Evacuations and medical specialist. Where medical assistance is concerned, the program aides in providing Emergency Medical Monitoring, Unlimited Cash Advancement on medical expenses, Prescription Replacement, Emergency Medication, Blood and Vaccine Transfers and offers a 24 Hour Locator Service as well. Where travel companions are concerned an emergency assistance program addresses issues such as airfare, pets, children, travel companions, and message delivery services.
Of course, there are specific terms with each area of emergency assistance coverage. The program is clearly disclosed and it takes less than five minutes to enroll. Good Sam EA+ medical assistance program is $89.00 for one member annually or $109.00 for the whole family. In addition, regardless of your health or medical background, you are guaranteed enrollment. With price tags such as those, emergency assistance coverage seems worth a look for RV owners, I’m just sayin’