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What do you think about television commercials that describe afflictions? You know the one that always asks, “Have you or a family member ever” something. Normally, these types of TV commercials generate a head-shake and an eye roll from me; they are so annoying. Well, my father was visiting Easter weekend. After dinner, we adjourned to the family room to watch television. You know, big meal, full belly, we need to relax type of thing. One of those illness commercials shows on behalf of a mesothelioma lawyer. Not the first time I have seen it however sitting there I began thinking, dad was a roofer all his life and my husband a plasterer. The list of professions and products that COULD cause mesothelioma rolls down the screen. There had to be at least twenty items of which my husband and my father were exposed, directly exposed. Moved by fear, and the fact that my father has Emphysema, I looked up the symptoms. Appears that neither of them have the distinct symptoms; had the opposite occurred I would be calling on that mesothelioma lawyer and a doctor immediately. I guess these commercials, while annoying, do motivate research and that motivation is rather helpful.