Being overweight is a huge burden on the body, both physically and mentally. I remember my aunt always being on a diet. It seemed she was fanatical about her weight and constantly worried about it. She tried every new diet that came along. Diet formulas like the grapefruit diet, once meal a day diet, and the famous Adkins diet too. In looking back, I think she spent the better part of twenty years trying to loose weight and keep the weight off. Finally, she turned to diet pills to help curb her appetite. A diet pill that works can be a great tool when used properly. Portion control, eliminating junk food, and exercise along with the used of diet pills were the keys to my auntโ€™s success. She is in her early seventies, and no longer has a need for diet pills yet still maintains her weight. She is healthy and happy, asserting still today that diet pills were a vital part of her path to success.

Just in case my aunt story didn’t inspire you, here is a diet pill joke to make you laugh.

Two women are waiting in line at the grocery store. One woman says with excitement to the other, “Have you heard about the new diet pill?” The second woman replies with an eye roll, “I’m married to one.โ€ he he he