What ever happened to car songs we all came to know and love? Back it the day it seemed there was always a popular car song on the music charts. Lots of song lyrics included cars and they somehow stuck in your head. While writing this post I kept hearing Joe Walsh singing “My Maseratti does one-eighty-five, I lost my license now I don’t drive”. Happening upon Car.com a very cool Top Ten Car Song List came up and it got me reminiscing. Their top car song picks cross quite a few genres of music however, I think Slow Ride by Fog Hat and Mercedes Benz by Janis Joplin should have made the list. In addition, perhaps Hot Rod Lincoln, remember that one? Of course, let’s not forget the rock n roll pioneer Chuck Berry with his 1955 hit Maybellene. Car songs were fun weren’t they?

Amanda Wegrzyn of cars.com writes, music and car culture have been unconditionally linked. While the Grammy Awards honor the best music each year, cars.com dug a little deeper and paid tribute to the top 10 songs ever written about cars.

Car.com’s Top Ten Car Song List:

10. “Red Barchetta” – Rush
“In an era where large SUVs seem to block out the sun and the U.S. government is trying its darndest to regulate fuel economy, a 1981 sci-fi song about a nearly extinct Ferrari doesn’t seem so far off. Although the abundant safety features in today’s cars may not lead to the reckless driving mentioned in the song, it’s a scary future for any sports-car nut.” This commentary is as originally posted. I agree it is scary for sure!

9. “I Can’t Drive 55” – Sammy Hagar
Classic and a car tunes favorite of mine too!

8. “Bitchin’ Camaro” – Dead Milkmen
Don’t know what to say about this one, I never heard of it. The author says after hearing it doughnuts on the neighbors lawn will surely ensue!

7. “Let Me Ride” – Dr. Dre
An important and adult West Coast Rap Classic and not one I would have chosen for sure.

6. “Drive My Car” – The Beatles
Enough said right?

5. “Mustang Sally”
Wilson Pickett put this Mack Rice song on the map! I think everybody, including “The King”, has covered this R and B classic tune.

4. “Low Rider” – War
A song worthy of blasting while cruising says car.com. This one marks an important part of American Car Culture, hydraulic modifications not to mention the overwhelming number of covers and samples!

3. “Fun, Fun, Fun” – The Beach Boys
According to the author, this song was chosen because “For many teens, car keys equal freedom, and what 16-year-old hasn’t daydreamed about borrowing his parents’ T-Bird — or really sweet minivan — and playing hooky?”

2. “Pink Cadillac” – Bruce Springsteen
The B-side to “Dancing in the Dark” gave us a great image of that Pink Caddy remember. Back in Philly, Springsteen was a neighborhood favorite.

1. “Little Red Corvette” – Prince
Oh, this is one of my favorite Prince songs! Regardless of the real meaning, this is the ultimate idea of a sports car, unless of course you can afford a Ferrari or even the Ferrari parts HA!

Hope you enjoyed the musical walk down memory lane….. vvvrrroooom!