The practice of apply night creams has existed for ages. There are reports noting Roman women coating their faces with fine olive oil before retiring for the night. These women believed this gave support to retaining the skins moisture thus reducing wrinkles.

Performing a short Google search for night cream produced 752,000 pages of results and buy night creams returned 39,900,000 pages, WOW. I consider this an indicator of just how popular night cream is to women.

beautiful ladyWhile there are countless corporations offering night creams, my personal experience is with Avon is a well establish company, in operation since 1966. Currently Avon offers two lines of night cream, Anew and Solutions. Within these product lines are some twenty different night creams, each dedicated to a different skin type and aging solution. Many of my customers raved about the results of the Anew product line. Noticeable smoothing was prevalent around the eyes and the overall fresh look very visible. Recently I read an article claiming ingredients not displaying on the package was a draw back for Avon. I thought, Avon representatives have access to the ingredients, simply ask. Making use of night creams is a personal decision.

Attaining results requires consistency, patience, and common sense. While there is no reversing the aging process, a high-quality diet, regular exercise, and the application of night cream may perhaps slow the process.