Nutrition Detectives 5 Clues

Verbiage:  “I really admire a program called Nutrition Detectives that was developed  by Dr. David Katz of Yale.  He and his wife use this program to encourage children to be Nutrition Detectives when reading food labels.  There are 5 Clues…

Clue #1 NEVER TRUST THE FRONT OF THE PACKAGE – look for the hidden truth in the ingredient list (so we should always look at the ingredient list when first choosing a product)

Clue #2 THE FIRST INGREDIENT IS ALWAYS THE BIGGEST – the first ingredient is usually what the product is mostly made up of

Clue #3 IDENTIFY HARMFUL INGREDIENTS – It’s just like Finding Waldo or I SPY books – we want to search for harmful ingredients in foods.  3 of the worst are…

Partially hydrogenated oil

High Fructose Corn Syrup

Colors and Numbers (These are Synthetic Food Dyes)

Clue #4 LOOK FOR A SHORT INGREDIENT LIST – If the ingredient list is REALLY LONG with all sorts of words you don’t recognize that’s another clue that it may be unhealthy.

Clue #5 FIBER IS YOUR FRIEND so look out for whole grain imposters.  If the fiber is 1 gram or less then this product is not a good source of whole grain.  It should be 2 grams or more!

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