The refined teenage skill of applying make-up ...

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Make up and hair style becomes a completely new experience for women over forty. Make up applications women practiced for twenty or more years no longer seem to apply. Hairstyles and colors we once wore so well are capable of adding years to the face. By practicing a few short and simple applications with make up and hair, a woman can look about five years younger.

Makeup artists and beauty experts emphasize applying the correct make up products and methods to seize five years off your face. According to Jessica Liebeskind, this can be accomplished in three minutes.

3 Minute Make Up

Powder Makeup, Not

Too much powdery makeup draws attention to fine lines, thus adding five years to your face.

Apply a light moisturizer or makeup primer. This layer is predominantly important after 40. The moisturizer acts as a barrier between your skin and the makeup, preventing foundation or concealer from filling in fine lines.

Experiment – Try a serum that offers instantly moisturizes skin. These generally have a long lasting effect and reinforce a skin barrier to bind in moisture.

Conceal It First

Most women were taught to spread foundation from hairline to chin first, concealer application followed. Many experts say to reverse this routine after 40 and focus on your under eye area. Use a narrow-tip makeup brush to dab a creamy concealer from the inner to outer corner to hide darkness. This instantly brightens the whole face.

Even the Skin Tone
If you have very even skin tone, your face has lost five years.

If that is not the case, apply a very thin layer of tinted moisturizer or an equal mix of moisturizer and foundation. Mixing the two tends to sheer out the foundation a bit. This final step minimizes any blotchiness while leaving your complexion dewy, not dry. For any blemishes that are still apparent, finish by dabbing concealer only on those areas.

Powder is not necessary after 40 unless except for cases of the still shiny t-zone. Then lightly dust only there.

Youthful Hair

Love Your Hair

TLC is essential to youthful hair. Heat styling and chemical processing make hair porous and prone to breakage. Healing masks from Bumble and Bumble along with high-quality hair-repair products, for example Shu Uemura, are an absolute must. Professional stylists and salon owners recommend using hair treatments, as you would wrinkle creams.

Regular brushing through to the scalp with a first-rate hairbrush stimulates the blood supply and promotes healthy growth. According to a top rate Seattle salon  Mason Pearson brushes reach every corner of the scalp and perform a superior job including sweeping away dandruff.

Coloring Away Years

Gray Hair
Natural gray may not be best. One of the best-kept secrets of stylish gray-haired women is the addition of fresh, ashy highlights to improve the color and reduce the age.

Stay smooth. Straighter hair reflects light, and distracts from lines and creases in the face. Silicone serums and a deep-moisturizing shampoo, and a ceramic-coated flatiron designed to dry wet hair can make it shine.

Blonde Hair
Bangs, layers, and highlights are youthful. Tousled pieces hide re-growth. A choppy cut with long bangs and bold, sunlit streaks is an immediate year reducer!

Woman with natural red hair

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Thinking red, choose blonde. Red hair is tough on mature skin tones, unless it is natural. It tends to exaggerate blotchiness, brown spots, or yellow undertones. A honey blonde color with golden tones works better every time.

Brunette Hair
Your twenty-something shade does not work at age 50. Extremely dark hair looks hard and fake next to mature skin. Select a softer shade, perhaps a maple or chestnut, this will certainly help erase years.

One professional hair stylist advises makeup tells you if your hair shade is right. If the hair color is too dark, piling on concealer to erase shadows and circles will be required. If makeup appears to fit naturally, the hair color works. Brown-gray looks more natural and dimensional than a flat, permanent color.


This simple advice from experts in make up and hair care eliminates those lengthy make up regiments, the point I appreciate the most. Women over forty should go light on the face make up, moisturize effectively, and opt for quality hair care and colors. Easy enough to look five years younger, wouldn’t you agree?