Life has been a roller coaster of emotion these last few months. My elderly father moved in with us last month and my youngest son moved out this month. He decided to continue his studies in the UK. Yep, he left the country! Hubby and I are very happy for him and very much going to miss him these next two years. He flew out on Saturday; we had a very emotional weekend indeed.

Of course, he could not take his friend Connor so we acquired a grand-puppy. It is a good thing too because not only is Connor a symbol of our son, he has become Dad’s pal. Connor is a Beagle/Rottweiler mix, very lovable, and always wagging his tail. He trots out to greet Dad in the morning and sits by his chair when he is watching TV. The dog makes my Dad smile, says he wishes he had some of what powers that tail!

Connor A Beagle Rottweiler

Fewer Allergies, Stronger Immunity

Children that grow up in a home with a dog or cat are less likely to develop allergies, some researchers have noted. Kids that grow up on farms have shown the same results.

A healthy mind

Pet owners socialize with other per owners. Dog owners generally stop and chat with other dog owners or when visiting a dog park, engage in lengthy conversations. More interaction equals less isolation for you and your dog.

Physical Fitness

Taking your dog for a thirty minute walk not only keeps one moving but also helps one meet the minimum requirements for healthy physical activity. Playing ball in the back yard will add to your fitness dividends. Additionally, playing with your pet is a great stress reliever.

Pets fight depression

It is well known that many therapists prescribe a pet to help deal with and overcome depression. Pets present an unconditional love and loyalty. Petting a cat or dog provides a calming effect and enhances the mood as well. There is nothing more pleasurable that a purring kitty or tail wagging pup. Caring for a pet moves ones focus from inward self. Walking, grooming, and feeding a pet helps one to feel better about they way in which their time is spent.

Good for the Heart

Two separate studies concluded that pet owners had a lower risk of dying from any cardiac disease. One twenty year study showed that cat owners were 40% less likely to die of a heart attach than those who never owned a cat.

It is amazing what a pet can do for one’s life. The preceding pet information came from an article I read on WebMD. I can tell you Connor is proof positive that pets do make a difference in a person’s mental and physical health. Do you have pets? How do they help your family?