OMG These Fat Burner advertisers are over the top aggravating! It is truly shameful how the obese are targeted. Oftentimes overweight people are understandably weak and sometimes even hopeless. Honest medical and nutritional professionals advise diet, exercise, diligence, will power, caring, and support are necessary for successfully weight lose. For some it is a life long journey. Check out this statement and you tell me if it is aggravating…

“Alli is an over the counter form of the prescription fat blocker Xenical. It used a smaller dosage of the ingredient known as Orlistat, and they sell in drugstores across America. They claim that with serious behavior modification and dedication, you can lose up to 50% more weight with Alli than diet and exercise alone. They use fat blocking mechanisms, asking you to severely limit your fat intake of both good and bad fats, and some have reported that fat soluble vitamins tend to absorb poorly when using this method. However, they claim that Alli is the only safe option and the only effective option on the over the counter market, actually using half of the amounts used in clinical studies of Orlistat as well as the prescription Xenical, which obviously uses Orlistat in general.”

WTF does that paragraph really say? I know the answer, that OTC weight loss pill is crap! They are asking the user to modify behavior, be dedicated, and limit fat intake. Is that not broad definition of a low fat diet? Alternatively, the pill blocks the fat you do ingest or is the claim it changes fat into something else? If the latter is true, recreating molecular structure is a huge break through. Perhaps they will change dogs into cats next or maybe a dumb ass into a smart ass!

Am I correct to be aggravated by these companies posing brainless questions like does alli work? Do they not target the weak?