Does every credit card company on earth offer a reward program? When business was booming, we paid everything we possibly could with our business credit cards. American Express was the favorite point promoter. With a dollar for dollar value, we racked up 20 or 30 thousand a month, gaining free travel, hotels, and entrance to our favorite attractions. Of course, the best deals required an excess of 40 thousand points, no problem for us back then.

Nowadays, the reward programs very greatly. While there are still a few good reward programs out there, many of the point programs are nothing more than discount programs. For example, 5000 points with Citi Rewards might give you 10% off an item. So one still has to purchase something and pay shipping fees. This is quite different from let’s say Chase Rewards. One can use 5000 points and receive a $10 Starbucks gift card and no shipping charges!

The Good Sam offers a reward card that really does reward RV owners! Each time the Good Sam Visa with REC REWARDS is used for a purchase, reward points are issued dollar for dollar. Those points can be redeemed for Good Sam memberships, emergency road service, free camping, free fuel, cash back, and gift cards to favorite restaurants and stores. Additionally, some cardholders will earn up to 5 points per dollar on every Good Sam purchase.

RV owners will be excited about this and Good Sam clearly advertises the terms. On the other hand, companies with reward programs offering nothing more than a discount deal aren’t worth it. Perhaps they should be considered a scam? Taking that thought a bit further, I would bet identical discounts could be had without a credit card, I’m just saying.

Scam or reward, what do you think?