Springtime often includes sensation elation and bursts of energy, aka Spring Fever. Medically speaking, the brain hormone Melatonin functions to maintain the body’s circadian rhythm and has a direct effect on both sleep patterns and energy levels. Since circadian rhythm of the body is affected by sunlight, the arrival of longer, warmer days are said to kick-start those hormones.

The most popular season for a wedding is – you guessed it – spring. The

WeddingChannel.com states 70% of all weddings are held in the spring. Perhaps this has something to do with senior prom and homecoming being a spring tradition young females pass on into adulthood. On the other hand, with the fresh air, longer days, fragrant blooms, and bursts of color, maybe the springtime truly is the season of love. Either way, one commonality exists; spring is the season meant for special occasion dresses.


“Spring is when life’s alive in everything. ”
— Christina Rossetti


The Designer

Liz Fields, designer of bridal and special occasion dresses, inspires optimism and echoes the sensations of springtime. At the young age of 26, she formed Liz Fields, LLC with her father. In a recent interview Ms. Fields said regarding her dad, “He’s been involved in the Special Occasion business since I was a little child, so I grew up around the design rooms of all the major bridal, bridesmaids, and special occasion businesses.”

Fields is focused on fit this year, designing structured dresses to flatter a woman’s curves. The 2011 Spring Collection echoes the inspiration of 1930’s Hollywood stars. Striving to meet the needs of real women, the designer prides herself on offering “every possible dress option imaginable.” This young woman is truly a breath of fresh air and an inspiration among

The Spring Dress Collection

The video was shot during Nolcha Fashion Week: New York. This 4-day fashion week event is held simultaneously with New York Fashion Week annually in February and September. Nolcha reaches +10MM media impressions that include runway shows, accessory exhibition, and Ethical Fashion Preview.



Liz Field’s beautiful display of colors and fabrics together with her stunning styles resonate sensations of love. This young aspiring designer continues to hone in on her design skills. Liz Fields dresses are currently available in nearly 300 retailers nationwide as well as the U.K. and South America.

“An optimist is the human personification of spring.”
— Susan J. Bissonette

Quoting Liz from the Dallas Wedding Planner dot com, “My main focus is to bring women the dresses they dream about, never having to say ‘no’ to a special request, and delivering them a high-quality, elegant designer gown with an amazing fit at extremely affordable prices.  When it comes to wedding dresses, there is no better value than Liz Fields and that’s my goal.”

In my opinion Liz Fields is a human personification of spring. What you do think?