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Store brand infant formulas won a major legal victory last month. A United States Circuit Court upheld a $13.5 million false advertising claim against Enfamil maker Mead Johnson. This decision affirms families will continue enjoying the savings of Store Brand formula without compromising nutritional values.

PBM Products successfully argued that Enfamil’s advertisements of superiority to store brand formulas were false and misleading. The store brand formulas offer the same nutrients at the same levels as Enfamil.  Circuit Judge Andre Davis wrote. “PBM cannot fairly compete with Mead Johnson unless and until Mead Johnson stops infecting the marketplace with misleading advertising. ”

This ruling was a win for families who rely on store brands as well. Scared tactics and misleading advertising could make the difference in parent’s ability to buy new clothing or other vital goods for their children. Name brand products can be as much as double the price of store brand products.

Being an avid consumer and mother of store brands in general, I have gladly written several sponsored articles for Raising a family is without doubt expensive. I can personally attest that purchasing store brand products does make a difference in the family budget. A simple, happy example that comes to mind is giving my sons the ability to choose two boxes of healthy cereal each week. The price of one box of name brand cereal was equivalent to two store brand boxes back then. This probably sounds silly however, my boys ate cereal at least twice a day and very much appreciated having several varieties. I can still remember their faces intensely evaluating each box prior to choosing.

Kudos goes to Judge Davis and the Circuit Court for supporting families across the nation!

To read more information about this court case visit Business Week.

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