Some people develop allergies in childhood, some are born with allergies to medications and certain foods and some people suddenly find themselves experiencing allergy symptoms to things that never bothered them before. Why do we suddenly develop reactions to products and surroundings we have enjoyed in the past?

Women report their favorite cosmetics suddenly cause rashes. Men and women both claim a sudden onset of coughing and sneezing around the ten-year old family pet. Others complain they ache and feel overly tired after a brief time in a large department store. If any of these reports sound familiar, you may be experiencing chemical overload.

Protecting your liver is vital to living a healthy life. The liver affects every other organ in the body and works with the systems that control metabolism and digestion. The liver works continuously to cleanse the body of toxins and impurities. This major organ stores some vitamins and enzymes for months or even years in order to be ready to perform these tasks.


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Your lifestyle can have potentially negative effects on the liver if you ingest chemicals and additives on a daily basis. As chemicals in toothpaste, foods and beverages are consumed, the liver detoxifies what comes into the body and changes it into a substance that can be flushed out through urine or bile. If the liver becomes overloaded, it cannot function properly and will reach toxification.

Some homeopathic practitioners believe this toxification stage brings on the sudden allergy symptoms that many adults experience later in life. They claim this is the liver’s way of telling you it just cannot handle anymore. Simply stated, once the saturation level is reached, there is no place for the liver to store the chemical or food component, and it cannot keep up with the detoxification process efficiently anymore.

What can you do to help your liver regain vitality and a healthy status? Modify your diet, eliminating as many chemical additives as you can from your daily menu. Keep chemicals stored in a place away from daily exposure, and be sure that there are no leaks in any of the containers. Consider using cosmetics, household cleansers and hygiene products that have no chemicals or fewer chemicals whenever possible.

Adopting a healthier lifestyle will support your liver. If you are experiencing pain and inflammation of the joints and muscles, or if you have lethargy, sleep problems and other allergy symptoms, you might consider a liver and kidney cleanse regimen to clean the liver and give it a “kick-start” in the right direction. There are many detoxification products on the market today. Choose a product by talking to your doctor or homeopathic provider. You should notice improvement in your overall health after completing a liver and kidney cleanse. If you do not notice any improvement, you may want to consider scheduling a general physical to check for undiagnosed medical conditions.


By Jacob Maslow, Blogger for Allergy Be Gone, a company that specializes in allergy control products such as allergy bedding, air purifiers and HEPA Vacuums.