Puppy ConnorLiving in Florida requires a greater level of awareness and care for pet owners. The four-legged family members generally need a little help to make the transition, however, it is vital for pets to stay cool when those blistering sunny days arrive. PetSmart grooming expert Linda Erickson shares her tips on preparing pets for the hot summer season. She recommends regular grooming appointments as well as at-home treatments.

Minimize the Winter Coat: It’s important to help your dog get rid of their heavier winter coat so they can stay cool as temperatures rise. Baths help to release the undercoat followed by a good brushing to remove extra hair. For an extra silky and shiny coat, milk bath moisturizing conditioner and regular at-home brushings will help the pet’s coat to be softer and healthier. Florida pet parents, please do not leave pets outdoors for extended periods without cover especially during the hot Florida summer months.


Less is Not Always Better: Some pet parents often think shaving a dog during the summer is the answer to shedding and overheating. However, a pet’s coat actually helps regulate their body temperature and protects them from the sun. The FURminator Shed-less Treatment, available at PetSmart, is an option to shaving and an effective way to help control shedding and keep pets cooler.

Swimming Safety: Swimming is a great activity during warm weather, but your dog will need a good cleaning after a swim whether in the pool or gulf. Be sure to rinse your pet after swimming to remove chemicals, salt water, or irritants from their coat. Not rinsing can result in dry skin. Attempt to keep dogs ears clean and dry after swimming. Swab the ears with a cotton ball and use a recommended ear cleaner to help remove any waxy build-up or water left behind.

Necessary Regular Maintenance: Dogs have regular, ongoing needs regardless of the season, including coat, tooth, and paw care. A good teeth-cleaning routine at home and at the grooming salon is an essential part of a pet’s health. In addition, it’s important to help keep dogs’ paws healthy with regular nail trims and removal of any extra hair so debris won’t be stuck in their paws.

To learn more about grooming, visit a PetSmart store to speak with a PetSmart Academy trained groomer, or visit www.PetSmart.com.  This is not a sponsored post. Petsmart grooming services proved to be convenient, efficient, and affordable.

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