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Big Screen Advertisers Prejudice?

What the heck is wrong with this picture? No not the tv picture, the advertisement! Why is it that television manufacturers always seem to advertise men enjoying the big screens? This ad for vizio tvs is a prefect example. Maybe...

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Success – Oh Yes You Can!

Success is attainable for everyone. Rocawear was established in 1999 upon the dramatic success of rapper and co-founder Shawn “Jay Z” Carter. The apparel collection was designed to fit an urban lifestyle, and quickly...

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Diamond Engagement Ring Review

Buying a diamond engagement ring is an investment in love, life long commitment, and value. Choosing the perfect diamond ring style represents the groom’s love for his bride to be. The act of giving the engagement rings...

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Funny Friday – Getting Older

A woman goes to a doctor to discuss her husband’s infertility problem. The doctor says, “Just give your husband these Viagra pills in his next meal, and stand back.” The woman goes home and hands the pills to...

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Rogaine, is it right for you?

I remember when Rogaine was first being advertised about twenty years ago, several friends were very excited to test it out. Engaging in lengthy conversations on the subject with both men and women, I learned the emotions...

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Stress and hair loss

Everyone loses approximately 100 hairs per day, out of the 100,000 contained by the average scalp. A few contributing factors are lifestyle, styling, and the infamous aging process. Other common causes of hair loss include...

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Funny Friday – Salute Dad

What better a way to honor Dad this Father’s Day than with a bit of humor! To be a successful father, there’s one absolute rule: when you have a kid, don’t look at it for the first two years. – Ernest...

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The Mid-Life Woman …

"You are truly the generation in the middle! You have at once aging parents as well as maturing children to cope with, and you are not granted the deference accorded age, or the indulgence given the young."

Helene S. Arnstein

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