Do the Research and Reaps Rewards

Online shopping is a personal preference. Some consumers prefer to see and/or touch a product before they buy. Where clothes, shoes, and personal items are concerned, the see/touch/try aspect is especially important. On the other hand, electronics do not require the same sort of inspection. Over the last year alone, we have purchased smart phones, computers and computer parts, and home theatre equipment online. In addition to the retailers’ information, product reviews and customer comments were particularly influential on the final purchase. Most online shoppers agree the internet is full of paid reviews and comments. The question becomes what is a reputable and reliable review site.

Product Savings
To learn about the performance of computers and related product parts search New Egg dot com. Most, if not all of the customer comments there include the author’s level of experience. It seems that authors of “guru” status love to give tech advice. Since my first purchase in 2003, I have yet to be misinformed by the information found there. The prices are pretty phenomenal too. In fact, last year we bought our son a top brand computer tower from New Egg. Not only was the computer powerful and perfectly fit for his daily computing needs but at a saving of nearly 30%, woo hoo!

Reliable Information
Cnet dot com is the other go to review site for technology – smart phones, cameras, sound and audio equipment, and even systemes GPS are readily available and easily found. Technology and electronic consumers will find in-depth reviews and customer comments as well as price comparisons and the top five lists for most electronic/tech gadgets.

As a consumer, I believe the most appreciated aspect of Cnet reviews is the pros and cons they offer. Cnet authors often times make recommendations as to how the product could have been improved or what manufacturer offers that recommended improvement. I must have followed twenty or more links for different smart phones prior to making a final purchase. Hubby was asking what took me so long to upgrade our cell phones. I must say, the reviews on Cnet were spot on. In the end, the phones purchased coordinated perfectly with our needs.

In summary, researching product reviews reaps more than financial rewards. Both Newegg and Cnet provide honest opinions and reliable information critical to choosing the ideal product.