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FamilyToday, reward programs are more popular than ever.  Whether it is cash back, points, coupons or percentage discounts it appears as though every financial institution offers a reward program. Midlife delivers a certain amount of wisdom. Pride does not pay the bills much less make a tough financial situation better. You see Hubby would never ever use a coupon for ANY purchase EVER. Period. In contrast, by my registering for reward program, and clipping coupons for most of our married life, our family enjoyed vacation upgrades, choice dinners, and live shows.

When it came time to help our youngest son with college expenses, the economy was on the downslide. Hubby and I both worried how we could possibly be of assistance. Mom had signed up for Upromise, which paid for two terms of books. Midlife wisdom, along with tough times changed his view. In fact and was ecstatic to learn about Upromise and thankful for the help. This big conversion required a terrible economy and a bit of midlife wisdom to achieve.

About Upromise College Rewards

Upromise members have received more than $600 million in college savings through their rewards program. Through credit card accounts, shopping online, retail credit accounts, dining, and select grocery stores, members earn cash back to be used for their child’s college. Upromise registration is free. If you plan to shop anyway, why not earn money for college at the same time. Members can pay down loans, invest in 529 college savings plans, high yield savings accounts, or receive a check to cover other college expenses.

Given the turn in economics, we should have taken full advantage of the Upromise program. While I did register my participating credit accounts, we did not set up a 529-college savings plan nor did we ask family members to register their accounts to help. This deficiency was not about pride but rather a lack of wisdom and insight. We never know when life may turn left instead of a right.

Upromise Dream Sweepstakes

Upromise is celebrating a 10th anniversary by giving away $20,000 to users to share their Dream a brighter future story. Parents can participate in the sweepstakes by sharing how they supported or will support a child’s dream! Users then vote on their favorite stories by “liking” them. Upromise is giving 10 winners $1000.00 and a grand prizewinner $10,000.00.

With nothing to loose parents should enter for a chance to win, I did last week! Upromise would like to spread the word among parents to join the movement, share their experiences to start a buzz that will fuel the flame of their children’s future dreams. Read the dream wall official rules and go share your dream at

Take every advantage of every opportunity to save, especially for your children’s future. Never let pride stand in your way to save a buck, just ask my midlife hubby, today he will attest to that!

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