Traveling in an RV is a wonderful way to experience the country sights. When I was growing up, my neighbors had an RV. They used to travel all over the country, as I remember. My only experience vacationing in an RV was a pleasant one. My parents agreed to travel from Pennsylvania to Key West Florida with our elderly neighbors. Being fourteen, I was dreading this trip. The thought of being cooped up with my parents, little sister, and my neighbors was horrifying! We started out at night and made our first stop in North Carolina, my neighbor’s hometown. There we visited with their family. Being from a northern state, I was intrigued by the southern draw and their slow, laid-back lifestyle. They served us a good old-fashioned southern dinner; Fried chicken, collard greens, potatoes, and corn bread. Wow what a fabulous meal! After dinner, the women sat in the side room chewing tobacco and chatting. The spittoons were shiny brass and something I had never experienced; I was astonished at the whole tobacco thing.

We left in the evening and drove for what seemed to be forever. The next night, my father had me sit up front with him to assist in observance of the road. I will never forget what he said, “If I get close to the yellow lines, poke me,” I was scared and excited simultaneously!

Florida Gulf Inlet WaterWe arrived in Key West on the third day, New Years Eve. After finding an RV Park and settling in, I went for a walk. Florida was so different and beautiful with all its palm trees and the clear gulf water! I did meet some kids along the way and attended a New Years Eve party on the beach that night.

Overall, it was a great trip, much to my surprise. It was exciting to see the many sights along the way. One final thought, an RV really is a grand way to see the country!

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