Building websites for leisure rather than a profession, I prefer the DIY approach for website promotion and link building. One way to build website back-links and increase search engine optimization is through directory submission, according to internet marketer Brad Callen. Directory submission increases your back-links, as the main purpose of presenting a web directory itself is to create links to the full. Even though manual directory submission may be a time-consuming and stressful process, it is very possible to do yourself.

Some believe while directories submission really helps in increasing backlinks, free submission are very deep, and they do not have that value that helps in increasing search engine results page (SERP). Others say it takes a huge amount of directory submissions for a minimal return unless your website is listed in the most reputed Directory Dmoz.

My opinion, it certainly cannot hurt to submit your site to free directories. Additionally, the owners of directories classify site submissions based on their relevance; this can help with targeted traffic as well. Other benefits of website directory submission include search engine indexing, frequent bot visits, and brand awareness.

For those likeminded DIY website owners, check out this free directory submission software. Might just build you a back-link or two, I’m just sayin’