BeautifulfaceA Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Right Foundation

What makes a beautiful face? Is it symmetry? Is it mesmerizing eyes? Is it sensual lips? All of this play a key role in creating harmony within a beautiful face, but a great face starts with a great foundation.

A beautiful face begins with flawless skin. Unfortunately, flawless skin is about as rare as a white rhinoceros. While we may have had the luxury of flawless skin in our early years when freeze pops and Saturday morning cartoons were golden, like our childhood, our skin has gone through its own metamorphosis. So we must re-create what nature has changed.

Foundation is the tool for which we use to give us back our youthful looking skin. Unfortunately, choosing the right foundation can be confusing. There are so many things to consider. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering foundation is the idea that foundation is not a mask. If someone says to you, “Your foundation looks great!” what they probably mean is that they can tell quite easily that you are wearing foundation. Then, it may be a mask.

Choosing the right foundation can be easy. In the end, which ever foundation you choose should blend perfectly with your skin tone. It should leave no line of demarcation. What it should do is even out the skin tone, cover flaws, and above all, appear natural.

1. Use a foundation that meets your daily needs. There are several types of foundations.

A tinted moisturizer, also called sheer foundation, is a wonderful solution to the person with great skin and very few imperfections. It is light and moisturizing, yet will provide coverage for redness. It is perfect for those not wanting to wear foundation but need some coverage. It is important to look for a tinted moisturizer that offers SPF protection.
Best product: stila sheer color tinted moisturizer SPF 15

Liquid Foundation: Liquid foundations are easy to use and provide great coverage. They can be blended for a perfect match making liquid foundations the top form of foundation used by most women.
Best Product: Make Up For Ever Mat Velvet + Foundation

Cream Foundation: Cream foundations offer more coverage especially if the skin has a number of imperfections. Cream foundations also contain oils and moisturizers which is excellent for drier skin. It is an excellent choice for photographs due to its coverage.
Best product: Lancome Absolute Makeup Replenishing Cream

Pancake and Panstick Foundation: Both foundations offer full, opaque coverage with creamy textures. Both can be used to conceal under eye circles due to their full coverage.
Best Product: Arbonne About Face Luminous Color Wand

Powder Foundation: Powder foundation offers quick, flawless coverage. Included in this category is the mineral makeup. If you have mature or dry skin, you may not be comfortable in powder foundation. It can emphasize fine lines. Powder is often used for a matte finish.
Best Product: Sephora All Over Skin Compact Foundation

2. Know your skin type

You must first know your skin type. Dry, oily, combination, mature skin types all have different needs. Dry skin will do best with moisturizing formulas. Oily skin works best with foundations that provide a matte finish. It should be oil free. Combination skin will need a foundation that absorbs oil in the t-zone but also moisturizes the face. Mature skin will need heavier coverage and higher moisturizer content. It may also need a hydrating primer to fill fine lines and smooth the texture. Try Laura Mercier Hydrating Foundation Primer to keep makeup fresh if you have mature skin.

Are you warm or cool? Most people are flattered with a yellow based foundation. People with cool undertones may appear too pink in a cool toned foundation. Test before you buy. If you appear washed out in a warm, opt for cool based. The same applies for appearing washed out or too pink in a cool foundation.

3. Test a Foundation

A big misconception when testing foundation is to use the hand. The hand and face do not have the same pigmentation for many reasons, sun and exposure to the elements being the top. Therefore, when testing your foundation, use the side of your face between the jaw and cheek. The foundation should be the same color as the skin. Remember that your skin changes with the seasons. The foundation used in July may not be appropriate in January. Don’t be afraid to blend colors to get a perfect match.

Look at the lighting when testing foundation. Fluorescent lighting and natural lighting are different, as is evening lighting. If possible, test in each of these places. Look for stores that offer samples to avoid purchasing a foundation that does not work in the office lighting. It is best advice to purchase cosmetics in stores that offer returns.

Remember: Beautiful skin begins with a good foundation. It is the basis for a beautiful face.

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