The word designer is immediately associated with fashion in my mind. Perhaps it is a womanly instinct to correlate designer with  clothing however, did you ever stop and consider who designed the essential furnishings in your home? While furniture collections are most commonly related to their designers, who designed the chandeliers, the bathroom lights, or the ceiling fans? These designers induce the popular home decor trends or, should I say, fashions.


La Laurie-Pierce-Paxton-Design-Studio-Lighting

Karyl Pierce Paxton is a much-admired national designer of home products. A talented Texan who studied art and design in both Mississippi and New York, Ms. Paxton returned to Mississippi upon completing her studies. In 1991 Pierce Paxton Design Studio was born. She created award-winning commercial and residential interiors and later added hand painted signature furniture and lighting. To pace with the growing popularity of her home furnishings, Karyl moved her studio to New Orleans. There additional artists and craftsmen were taken on to produce her line.

Influenced by the centuries-old patinas and classical architecture of New Orleans, Karyl creates lighting collections and home products ranging from chandeliers and furniture to bathroom fixtures. Today, Pierce Paxton creates products that are destined to be heirlooms.

One of many Savoy House talented artisans, Karyl designed the antiquity infused Pierce Paxton Collection. Savoy House retails savoy house lighting products in several showrooms.

Designers such as Karyl inspire home furnishing trends in the same way Donna Karan or Anna Sui ignite fashion trends. The trend setting designs of Karyl Pierce Paxton are evident in home improvement and furniture stores across the country. There stand brand lighting fixtures and ceiling fans are modeled after many of the fines pieces by Savoy House.

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