The number of underprivileged and disadvantaged children in our local communities is ever growing. I believe caring for children is everyone’s responsibility. Over the years, hubby and I have supported the local youth through volunteering, opening our home to local kids, as well as monetary donations. There is no good, acceptable reason for our children to live without basic needs, a sense of belonging, or a lack of love. Children are the future, a reflection of who we are as parents, as a community, as people.

America’s Children in Brief: Key National Indicators of Well-Being

The Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics (Forum) is a collection of 22 Federal government agencies involved in research and activities related to children and families. The forum reports based on child well-being indicators spanning seven areas: Family and Social Environment, Economic Circumstances, Health Care, Physical Environment and Safety, Behavior, Education, and Health.

The report revealed in 2010 health insurance coverage rates for children increased, preterm births declined for the second straight year, teen smoking was at its lowest since data collection began, and the adolescent birth rate declined after a 2-year increase. Excellent improvements however, the percentage of children whose parents had secure employment was the lowest since 1996. It went on to conclude, children living in poverty were the highest since 1998, and the level of children in food-insecure households was the highest since monitoring began.

I feel it necessary to point out the definition of poverty and the particular verbiage used to achieve the numbers probably does play a part in these findings, providing for some distorted results. Nevertheless, as a long-term advocate of children, the report made its point; the bad economy is affecting our children.

You might be a redneck – Cars for Kids

Remember this Jeff Foxworthy joke, “You might be redneck if mow your front lawn and find a car!” One of the more creative fundraising ideas I have encountered is car donation s. I wrote about this before in support of American Veterans. This time I’m bring the children to you!

Cars To Help Kids sells donated cars to support underprivileged and disadvantaged children in our local communities. The website does not offer much about the company other than being non-profit and contact information. Conversely, the instructions on how to donate your car where very well written. This led me to wonder if in fact they were legitimate. So, I called the 800 number and they answered. The first step in being an actual company, I was relieved. Inquiring about their non-profit status returned a courteous and specific answer. They work under the company to Others First. I thanked them, went directly to, and checked the non-profit status. Check.

Next I sent an email asking how the supported children with the funds. A few hours later, I received this response:

“Cars are sold and the funds are distributed to numerous children’s’ organizations such as:

Ronald McDonald House Charity, Children’s Charities of America, Samaritan’s Purse, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Boy Scouts of America”  Check, check, and check.

Researching a bit further and finding no detrimental information satisfied my wondering.  Do you have a junk car, donate car for kids. Perhaps you are a redneck and found one in your yard. he he he Seriously, do check out Cars for Kids. They make the donation process easy. Not only do the children benefit but also the donor. The sale value is tax deductible. If the car sells higher than estimated value, Cars for Kids will do their part to facilitate your increased tax credit.

donate cars support local kids