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Sports moms score with winning treats

Hey soccer moms-it’s time to suit up for the sports season! Whether softball or soccer, sports fields are filling with players and spectators. And if you’re like me, you belong to the unsung sports hero hall of fame: Moms who tote kids to games, and also sign on for providing post-game snacks. When it’s your turn to provide snacks, make yourself MVP (most valuable parent) with homemade treats that will score with kids. Some tips I’ve collected over the years for winning treats include: • Practice portion control: Wrap goodies for easy distribution-make a party mix and portion into snack bags; purchase small apples that are easy to eat. • Allow for post-game appetites: Don’t underestimate ravenous appetites that need post-game refueling; when in doubt make an extra batch of treats. • Remember to rehydrate: Be sure to bring a big cooler of water, with disposable cups, sports drinks, or provide 100% fruit juice drinks. Nothing could be easier than bars made from press-into-the-pan refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough. For super-streamlined transport and serving, bake in a disposable aluminum pan. Party mix is a classic favorite with my sports team members, and a breeze to stir together-no stove required! Score big with fun-for-kid snacks and winning after-sports and after-school ideas at No-Sweat Cookie Bars (Makes 2 dozen bars) 2 packages (16.5 ounces each) NESTLÉ TOLL HOUSE Refrigerated Chocolate...

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What Makes a Beautiful Face

A Step by Step Guide to Choosing the Right Foundation What makes a beautiful face? Is it symmetry? Is it mesmerizing eyes? Is it sensual lips? All of this play a key role in creating harmony within a beautiful face, but a great face starts with a great foundation. A beautiful face begins with flawless skin. Unfortunately, flawless skin is about as rare as a white rhinoceros. While we may have had the luxury of flawless skin in our early years when freeze pops and Saturday morning cartoons were golden, like our childhood, our skin has gone through its own metamorphosis. So we must re-create what nature has changed. Foundation is the tool for which we use to give us back our youthful looking skin. Unfortunately, choosing the right foundation can be confusing. There are so many things to consider. The most important thing to keep in mind when considering foundation is the idea that foundation is not a mask. If someone says to you, “Your foundation looks great!” what they probably mean is that they can tell quite easily that you are wearing foundation. Then, it may be a mask. Choosing the right foundation can be easy. In the end, which ever foundation you choose should blend perfectly with your skin tone. It should leave no line of demarcation. What it should do is even out the skin...

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The Natural Way To Healthy-Looking Hair

Healthy-looking, shiny hair depends on several factors. Healthy Diet Our diet is a major factor when considering the health of our hair, as well as our health in general. A healthy diet containing plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables will keep your body healthy as well as your hair. It’s important to take a multivitamin and mineral supplement every day if you want your hair and body to stay in tip top condition. This is because the soil we use to grow crops is now so depleted of minerals that it is necessary to take extra vitamin supplements to make sure we are getting all our necessary nutrients. Drinking at least 8 glasses of fresh water every day is important to our health ( and therefore our hair ) in order to keep ourselves properly hydrated. Natural Shampoo and Conditioner The type of shampoo and conditioner we use is another important factor regarding the health of our hair. So many shampoos today contain sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) or sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). Sodium lauryl sulfate is a harsh detergent which is used in many shampoos . It can cause skin irritation and is extremely harsh to the hair because it strips the hair’s natural oils. This can leave the hair dry, frizzy, tangled and unmanageable. This is where the need for conditioners comes in. We dry out our hair...

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How to Deal With Blatant or Residual Anger After your Breakup

Jan 25, 2008 at 09:21 AM Author: Nicole Gayle When I was faced with the news of my ex-husband wanting out of our 8 year marriage, the thoughts that were racing through my mind were, “I cannot believe what I am hearing.”  Then came, “I can’t believe this is happening to me.  I don’t want this!”  Followed by, “We HAVE to do everything to make this work!” I was so numbed and later in the evening after everyone was in bed, I literally went into the bathroom, laid on the floor and wept. As the days and months followed, I tried everything to SAVE my relationship.  As I continued to “try,” I continued feeling like a failure and this became a vicious cycle where I became less attractive, unhappy, and insecure. Then the day came that I got angry.  Really angry. I was angry for months.  I didn’t permit my self to feel anger at being abandoned and rejected because I was so busy looking after my husbands feelings, trying to save my relationship, trying to not feel like more of a failure, trying to do whatever I could for my children.  Believe it or not, when I gave myself permission to get angry, that was when I discovered how to how to truly be attractive and more secure.  I began implementing a strategy that worked! I had to...

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Shall we dance?

Direct Answers – Column for the week of January 21, 2008 Shall We Dance? I just happened to bump into you guys virtually, and must say it was a pleasure!  While reading through questions posted online, I realized I had one myself!  So here I go. I hail from India, and as you may know, Indians have a concept of arranged marriages, which I don’t really feel comfortable with.  But I am 25 now, and though I’ve been in relationships in the past, I am single at present.  So, my parents are on the lookout for a suitable guy for me. I don’t have much choice because falling into a relationship is kind of slow here in India.   People here are very different with regard to relationships as compared to the West.  But I would like to find someone for myself rather than going into an arranged thing. A few days back I met a friend’s friend via a social networking site.  I had heard a lot about him from my friends, so I initiated things by sending him a message for the New Year.  He was sweet and prompt and asked me how I knew our mutual friend.   We’ve been communicating via short messages ever since. My question: how can I initiate a deeper relationship with him, though not necessarily too fast?  I need to get...

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The Mid-Life Woman …

"You are truly the generation in the middle! You have at once aging parents as well as maturing children to cope with, and you are not granted the deference accorded age, or the indulgence given the young."

Helene S. Arnstein

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