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No Bake Cereal Bars – Grab n Go Breakfast

Breakfast Cereal

My boys ate cereal of one kind or another most every morning. Cooler days warranted hot cereals like oatmeal and cream of wheat, especially when they were very young. Cold cereal with milk and fruit was the most common breakfast, as they got older. Back then, my grocery list included no less than four boxes of cereal! The youngest adored crispy rice treats. You know the ones with crispy rice cereal, marshmallow, and butter. Typically, I’d throw in dried fruit like raisins or cranberries and nuts into the basic recipe. Regardless of the recipe bar amount, it seemed as though […]


Shopping Alert | 50% Off Business or Mommy Cards

Tiny Prints is having an awesome one day sale on business sized cards – Check it out these cards are 50% off! Even if you don’t have a business this deal is still for you. These cards are great for moms and dads; hand them out to play date parents and as mommy or daddy info cards too.  Tiny Prints does business or contact cards better! They have tons of templates and you can completely customize them to fit your style.     Creating custom business sized cards is easy: 1. Visit their Deal of the Day Page. Click through to […]


No Fire Down Below: Middle-Aged Women Running on Empty

Sad and worried midlife woman

Once you hit your 40s and 50s, you may have to change your workout routine to accommodate your changing body and its abilities as you age. You may not have considered that life experiences, hormones and stress can play a key role in your sexuality as you get older. With so many distractions and demands on your time, you may find that your usual coping mechanisms are not enough to deal with everything you are facing in the course of a “normal” day. There is barely enough time to do the essentials, much less have time for a sex life, too. Life […]


Hair Removal Tactics: From Waxing to Lasers and Beyond

beautiful skin

Having hair sprout up all over your body is a natural part of life, but that doesn’t always mean we’re comfortable with letting it continue to grow just anywhere. In case you aren’t one of the lucky ones that was born with fine, light, barely-there hair, you might be interested in finding out more about the different ways to eliminate unwanted thick, dark hair from places like your face, arms, legs, back, etc. If your goal is to keep what’s on your head the only hair people pay attention to, there are several hair removal methods you can try, depending […]


Let’s Talk About Minimalism

reduce midlife stress. minimize. downsize. declutter

Ft. Lauderdale has a reputation for being a lively town (this is helped along by spring breakers who invade every year and pour thousands of tourist bucks into the economy) but just because a place is vivacious doesn’t mean it can’t be stressful too. In general, life presents us with a myriad of stress factors: whether or not the kids are doing okay in this rough economy; how our parents are faring now that they’re getting older; the state of our bank accounts, etc. How are you supposed to deal with all of that stress? You probably already know how […]