Have you read the Skin Care – Part I review? If so, you already know I was an independent Avon representative for many years. If not, please check it out the review of my favorite Avon skin care products. Of course, I did not worry to include products I would not recommend. Today, while reading Facebook I came across a video link for an Avon Eye shadow and Lips Gloss review. It is amusing how despite the fact that I no longer sell Avon, their products still interest me. Seems I cannot resists reading what other women are saying about Avon. As a result, I clicked the link; wow was I ever surprised, discovering the author has been know to me for twenty years. This Avon makeup review video is a brutally honest and I instantaneously felt the need to share it. And to all the Mothers out there, HAPPY MOTHERS DAY!

Have experience with Mark Duo Eyeshadow and Avon Glazewear lip gloss? I would love to hear about it!