Scrapbooking has become a multi-billion dollar industry and is becoming a more and more popular hobby as the years go on. Scrapbooking has even been called, by some, the new quilting bee craft. Because scrapbooking is becoming so popular, everyone wants a piece of the pie. There are more craft stores, websites, businesses, and specialty stores focusing on making scrapbooking supplies and making those supplies pretty expensive. If you want all the whistles and bells then scrapbooking is expensive.

So how can you make a nice scrapbook while still maintaining a budget? How can you have pretty decorations and stickers for your pages when they are so expensive? It is not like going through the futures trading secrets course, all you have to do is follow some tips.

Here are some tips on how you can make scrapbooking a less expensive hobby:

Make your own stickers. Making your own stickers is less expensive and you can customize your stickers to be whatever you would like. All you have to do is buy a few sheets of sticky paper and then go online to look at the different images you want to make into stickers. Once you have picked out your stickers you print them out onto your sticky paper. Custom made stickers made exclusively for your memories.

Make a list. There are some things you cannot make on your own when it comes to scrapbooking like decorative scissors, pens, special paper, and more. When it comes time to go and buy scrapbooking supplies; sit down and make a list. Making a list of the things you need, will help you avoid buying unnecessary extra supplies that may look nice but are not worth the money in the end.

Don’t shop in the obvious places. Because scrapbooking is so popular the specialty scrapbook stores and the craft stores will cost more for their supplies. The obvious places you would get your scrapbooking supplies should be avoided because they will be more expensive. Instead you can try looking for supplies online looking for the best deals or at a general merchandise store. These places might not have all the fancy supplies but they will be more cost efficient.

Be creative. You can make many of the things you see in the stores and online yourself, all you have to do is be creative. The circles of paper you can make by taking cups or other circular object you can trace and cut. The pretty decorative designs you can find online and print, trace, cut and paste. Paper goes a long way, as long as you have colored paper there is no end to the creative things you can make.



Madison Hewerdine is an author who writes about  the futures trading secrets course and has a passion for Latin dancing.