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Now more than ever, today’s men are facing a “male meal dilemma.” Despite their desire to live and eat better, men are having trouble finding convenient, satisfying foods that taste good and they can feel good about eating.

Their busy schedules only add to the dilemma. Men are now more physically active and involved with their families and communities than ever before. In fact a recent survey found that half of men said their family requires more of their time and on top of that,  40 percent work longer hours. Even though they wish they could eat better, it’s no surprise that most of the time they end up reaching for foods that are not good for them because they are stretched for time … or they’re left hungry by diet dinners.

Some food brands are now responding. One of the most popular “man brands,” Campbell’s® Chunky™ soup, just revamped its line to help provide a solution to the dilemma by offering 23 soups that deliver a full serving of vegetables and 100 percent lean meat; and many soups that provide a good source of protein.

NFL sports team registered dietitian Leslie Bonci works with some of the nation’s toughest athletes, and she says that with all of the added responsibilities and activities most men are juggling, it’s even more important to develop better eating habits.

“There is no way that somebody can perform to the maximum if they don’t take care of what’s going into their body,” says Bonci.

Here are some of her expert tips for better eating.

Build Muscle: Look for protein-rich foods such as nuts, beans or lean meats. Along with exercise, protein helps build muscle, which can boost metabolism.

Fill Up, Not Out: Low calorie-dense foods, those that are higher in water content and offer more nutrients in fewer calories such as vegetables, fruits and soups are great for weight management. Pair Chunky Grilled Sirloin Burger with Hearty Vegetables Soup with a side salad for maximum “volume” impact.

Make Family Time: Less time in the kitchen means more time to spend with the family.  A few nights a week opt for simple meals, such as soup and sandwiches that everyone will enjoy.

Save Dollars: With the cost of food in mind, stretch your dollar by making meals at home or repurposing leftovers into brand new meals. Eating at home helps with portion control, too.

Get Your Zzzzzs: Be sure to get enough sleep each night to improve eating habits and concentration. Often, people make poor food choices and overeat simply because of fatigue.  Ideally, aim for 7-8 hours on most nights.

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