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Is it better to have the perfect smile at a job interview or at your wedding? Which is more important: a clean body or a clean mouth? And if women could share their sink with a Hollywood hunk while brushing their teeth, who would they choose?

The makers of Arm & Hammer Advance White Toothpaste recently conducted a survey to uncover the answers to these and other fun oral care questions. Some of the most interesting tidbits include:

“You’re Hired!” Trumps “I Do!” Three out of four respondents want their smile to be its best at a job interview, while only half vowed that they needed a sparkling smile for their own wedding.

First Impressions on First Dates. While the nose knows that body odor ranks first on the list of biggest turn-offs during a first date, bad breath came in a very close second.

Tooth Whitening is “White Hot.” Six out of ten respondents have taken steps to whiten their teeth using over-the-counter drug store products, with toothpaste being the most popular whitening product purchased.

Those who are whitening their teeth need to remember that whitening doesn’t necessarily mean that teeth are being well cared for. Whitening toothpastes need to contain fluoride and ingredients that fight plaque and tartar. When choosing any toothpaste, buy one that:
* Delivers fluoride to fight cavities
* Cleans away plaque
* Provides gentle cleaning
* Is one that you will use regularly

Taking good care of teeth does more than make a pretty smile. Good oral health can improve overall health by cutting the risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

For a truly healthy smile, listen to mom. She and the dentist were right: brushing at least twice a day, flossing and seeing a dentist twice a year are the real keys to good oral health.

So just which Hollywood hunk’s smile makes women want to share a sink with them? George Clooney and his arresting smile secured the top spot, while Matthew McConaughey clinched second, and Brad Pitt took third.

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